Hans Hoyer G10 Review

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4.8 Users (2 votes)
- Good projection/sound quality
- Better intonation vs. some Geyer models in high range
- May not fit in some smaller cases
- Factory made
- Hard to find used
The Hoyer G10 is German made, Geyer-style horn targeted to serious players seeking the next step up from popular factory horns like Conn and Yamaha. Priced new in the $6000 range, it's cheaper than most premium custom horns without making great sacrifices in quality. The G10 is one of the more expensive factory made horns you can buy, but it is a cut above others manufactured this way. While many flavors of Geyer horns exist, the Hoyer G10 is designed to closely model the original Carl Geyer design. This legendary design is known for its well slotted notes and strong sound projection. As with all Geyer horns, certain notes can require some fine tuning to pitch correctly but the G10 is better than most in this regard -- with a great high F to Bb range. You'll want to play with the slide positions to ensure matching between F and Bb sides. It has a lovely tone quality as you can hear in this demo video. The horn is neither overly bright or dark sounding, making it an ideal horn to blend with any section. The low range is also quite good. Despite being a medium bell horn, it has a fairly large circumference, so be careful about what case you buy as sometimes it won't fit. For players switching from a different horn, you may find the trigger position takes a little time to get used to, but it is adjustable. The horn also includes an adjustable pinky finger hook. You won't find many G10s for sale used because buyers tend to keep them. Hoyer also makes a Kruspe-style horn called the 6801.

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Tone quality
Value for money
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An absolute joy to play
I upgraded from a lifetime held student horn 6 months ago to the G10. I wasn't going to spend quite that much but I fell in love with the instrument trying it in the shop. In comparison to the G10 the Yamahas and cheaper HH horns I tried felt stuffy and unresponsive. As others have said the G10 slots reliably, particularly at the high end, lip trills suddenly became much more controlled, and I can reliably play legato up to to A on the F horn. The projection is awesome, and without a lot of physical effort the sound will project above a band to the back of the hall. There is a good range of tone colours and the staccato attack is particularly sharp. I have the full mechanical linkages - no more fiddling with string, and there is little valve noise. As I said my impression was of a particularly lively and responsive instrument. There has to be some downsides - the big one for me is that the bell pipe and bell are very thin soft metal - and the slightest knock will put a dent in it. And the trigger valve takes a lot of adjusting before it feels comfortable.
September 24, 2019, 4:31 am
Tone quality5
Value for money4.5
Wonderful Instrument!!
This is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship! Despite the fact that this is factory made, it plays comparably to hand made horns I have tried ( Rauch, Geyer. It’s also a fraction of the cost.)

The horn’s intonation is superb and tone color is gorgeous. Because of the ease of playing and little resistance, the horn sings through all ranges. The horn also has a huge range of tone color, dynamics and articulation. The attacks are extremely responsive and dynamic. Each note’s pitch is centered into place. This is especially useful in the high ranges where each notes “clicks” into place. The F and Bb side are uniform and are in tune to one another.

General build quality is excellent. Both the thumb valve and the pinky ring are adjust to fit anyone with a small hand or large hand. The horn is balanced extremely well and is lighter than I am used to. There is a long pull ring on the 2nd valve slide (Bb side) for easy removal and the 3rd valve slides are easy to remove as well.

The case is a bit bulky. However, the case is lightweight and nice to carry because of the backpack straps. There are also 2 accessory slots in the case, an exterior pouch for whatever and a slot that fits a large black music folder. I have heard that this case should fit overhead in a plane, but I have not had experience with this yet.

Overall, this horn works wonderfully for chamber music, symphony orchestras, and solos. I know this horn will be reliable and will produce the tone I want it to. This is a wonderful instrument that is worth more than its price. I highly recommend it. Happy horn playing!
May 21, 2019, 3:08 am
Tone quality5
Value for money5
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