Conn 10D & 10DE Review

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Good value for money
Focused, compact sound


May not blend as well with a section of 8D horns


Not to be confused with its more widely-known sibling the Conn 8D, the 10D is very different horn for a player seeking a more "compact," bright sound vs. the 8D's large, dark tone. A copy of the famous Geyer wrap, the 10D may be attractive to players who find the 8D too unwieldy and tubby sounding. The Geyer-style horn is becoming increasingly popular in the professional world, and the 10D is priced more attractively than custom horns featuring a the same layout. Gene Standley, former principle horn with the Columbus Symphony, played a 10D. Pros say that with a little custom work the 10D can match the sound of the best Geyer style horns. A smaller bore horn, the 10D is also a great choice for younger or lighter framed players. For players seeking a somewhat more open sound, the Conn 11D is worth considering. It is the same Geyer layout as the 10D but with a larger bell resulting in less resistance and a more open sound. Unfortunately, Conn's manufacturing standards have slipped over time so these horns can be inconsistent in build quality, requiring some tune ups by an experienced workshop. Some players also complain about security of high register notes above A. Learn more about Conn horns.

UPDATE: As of 2015, the 10D is now the 10DE. Improvements include a redesigned F branch, offering a more open sound - likely to be particularly helpful on this smaller bell horn. Additional improvements a new adjustable pinky hook (a big plus for players with smaller or larger than average hands) and two spit values. Once we have a chance to play this redesigned 10DE and get player feedback, we'll update this review.

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Also consider: the Yamaha 667, a comparably priced horn with a similar Geyer-like wrap that has more consistency in quality.

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I recently installed the new open long F branch on a 10D, something I had been doing for quite a while. The new branch is taken from the Holton H190. It opens up the F side of the horn considerably and makes it a fine horn.
March 18, 2017, 6:36 pm
Tone quality5
Value for money5
Conn 10D is a good-ish horn.
The horn has a good response and is comfortable to play. Tone is pretty bright and good. But the brass it is made out of is light but weaker than some others. For anyone seeking a bright loud horn.
January 16, 2017, 2:55 pm
Tone quality4
Value for money3.5
conn 10d
After trying a number of horns, I settled on the 10D for its versatility. Performing in master classes and orchestra, it has the right balance for me -- and is nice and light weight. Would recommend to anyone seeking a well rounded horn.
March 13, 2015, 11:27 pm
Tone quality4.5
Value for money5
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