French Horn Models and Prices

Wondering how much a new French horn costs? Use the table below to research prices for most major manufacturers. All prices are listed in USD using exchange rates as of March 2015. Prices may have changed since last published. Note that some music shops may charge more, but also offer maintenance services that make the extra cost worth it. You will most certainly find cheaper horns, even in the $500 range on eBay — but be warned, you get what you pay for.

Alexander 503$7,969
Alexander 403S$8,159
Alexander 103$7,745 Read Reviews
Alexander 200$6,236
Alexander 107x$8,852
Alexander 301$12,168
Conn 6D$3,299 Read Reviews
Conn 10D$4,459 Read Reviews
Conn 11D$4,459 Read Reviews
Conn 8D$4,469 Read Reviews
Duerk D3 Baborak$12,495
Dieter Otto 201A$9,000
Dieter Otto 180KA-JN$9,630
Dieter Otto 205 Weimar-Berlin$10,410
Dieter Otto 180KGMA-L$11,300
Dieter Otto 185A Triple$17,280
Finke Double Westfalia$5,900
Finke Double$6,700
Finke Americus$7,900
Finke Brendan$7,900
Finke Triple$11,500
Holton H378$3,179
Holton H379$3,449 Read Reviews
Holton H180$4,259 Read Reviews
Holton H179$4,259 Read Reviews
Holton H178$4,259 Read Reviews
Holton H177$4,259
Holton H281$4,729
Holton H176$4,979
Holton H200$5,069
Holton H105$7,179
Hoyer 801$4,631
Hoyer 6801/6802$5,066 Read Reviews
Hoyer 7801$7,271
Hoyer C-12L$7,712
Hoyer C1-L$14,879
Kuhn 293$9,110
Kuhn 393X$16,500
Lawson 804$11,900
Lewis Double$12,500
Lewis & Duerk LDx5 'Boston'$9,700
Lewis & Duerk 'Clevenger'$9,700
Lewis & Duerk LDx5 'Geyer'$9,000
Paxman Series 5$6,000
Paxman 23$9,369 Read Reviews
Paxman 20$9,369 Read Reviews
Paxman 25$10,043
Paxman 45$10,878
Paxman 75$14,979
Schmid Double$9,383
Schmid Triple$13,195
Yamaha YHR-567$3,350 Read Reviews
Yamaha YHR-668NII$4,426 Read Reviews
Yamaha YHR-667$4,426 Read Reviews
Yamaha YHR-667VL$7,637
Yamaha YHR-881$8,653