Yamaha 567 Review

4.3 Overall
3.4 Users (6 votes)

- Small size ideal for students
- Well made
- Easy to play


- Tonal flexibility is limited
- Some notes require careful tuning


The Yamaha 567 is a Geyer-style horn designed for beginning and intermediate level students. Becoming increasingly popular with professionals, the Geyer design gives the horn a focused, compact and bright tone quality -- compared to the dark "woof" sound of Kruspe style horns such as the Conn 8D. These qualities can make the 567 easier to play than other horns. The smaller bell size is also an added benefit for younger students, whose hands can sometimes get lost in the larger bell horns.

While the 567 may be easier to play, every horn design has some trade offs. Some players complain the middle F on this horn is hard to tune and that the high range can be difficult to lock in on select notes. Additionally, the layout does not give the horn as much projection as a large wrap horn or more professional-level Geyer horn.

But within its price range, the 567 is a strong contender. With a level of durability that other models do not have, the 567 can last a good student through high school without major repair work needed. This build quality also extends to consistency in playability across these horns. Even the smallest manufacturing inconsistencies can alter a horn's playing dynamics, and Yamaha's manufacturing standards are among the best.

Cost: The Yamaha 567 sells for $3,350 new.

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Also consider: we recommend Yamaha's step up from this horn: the 667. Within the same price range, we recommend checking out the Holton H379.

Tone quality
Value for money
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Great conversion horn to an ascending horn
My brother came up with the vision to convert this style of Yamaha Geyer horn to an ascending horn. Making the third valve always normally open and adjusting some slide and tubing lengths. It is now a G-C horn and plays with remarkable clarity and responsiveness.
December 9, 2018, 2:01 pm
Tone quality4.5
Value for money5
The best student horn
Compact, light, well constructed. Playable, pretty good sound but it lacks a good fortissimo,
It's a great instrument for students but not for a professional,
September 8, 2018, 2:00 am
Tone quality3
Value for money4
Easy pitching horn
Prior to this horn I was playing a Yamaha 664, a Kruspe horn. I must admit, the tone quality on the 567 is rather brighter and I if all the slides are pushed in, I often get a semi-tone higher than the pitched tone. Nevertheless, this horn should be able to last your playing career if you're not going professional.
March 22, 2017, 12:54 am
Tone quality3.5
Value for money4.5
Good Intermediate Horn
In this price range, this is a strong contender. I currently play one and with my mouthpiece I believe that this has a clearer and more projected tone than the Conn 8Ds and Yamaha 668IIs in my section. The middle F is very hard to tune and on my horn I have to pull out the 1st valve slide about 1 1/2 inches for that note to get in tune. Other than that, notes lock in very well, and can produce a clear, smooth sound. It had no problem projecting on a solo in a recent concert. Just note that the valves can get a bit sluggish sometimes.
December 8, 2016, 4:02 am
Tone quality4
Value for money4
Good Begginner's Horn
Great for learning, however I found that it can become rather restrictive to the more advanced player. There are also some major engineering faults in the design, I had issues with the solder connecting the tubing above the valves to the valves themselves coming undone. This horn was being hired however, and in relatively poor condition. Overall though, it made a great horn to learn on before progressing to something of higher quality.
March 28, 2016, 10:14 am
Tone quality3.5
Value for money4.5
happy with it
I have smaller hands and this horn is a great fit. Not quite as loud as the Conns in my section but I think it plays better and I'm able to get to high Bb with no problems. Happy I went with this horn.
April 4, 2015, 3:07 pm
Tone quality0
Value for money0
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