Bach 42B Review

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- Strong projection
- Good sound quality
- Less ideal for solo work
Made from a single piece of yellow brass, the Bach 42 Bb/F trigger trombone is known for its ability to keep a consistent tone quality at the highest volumes of playing - even more so than top competitors such as the Conn 88H. This can be especially important in symphonic environments where the trombones must project over a large orchestra. The 42B is especially popular in American orchestras, where a big but controlled sound is the norm. Due to its yellow brass construction and light hand slide, the 42B is a touch brighter sounding and to some ears in the upper range - a matter of taste depending on your playing style. With its superior loud dynamics, the 42B may not feel quite as flexible on softer tones. The horn can handle a lot of air! As a result, players may feel more comfortable using this horn in an orchestra compared to solo work. Bach has also introduced a 42BO version of the horn, with an open wrap F attachment that helps to open the lower register (though watch out for dents as it extends the horn further behind your head).

Tone quality
Value for money
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